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Personalized and Wellness-oriented

     My practice is personalized and wellness oriented.  I’m interested in the story of your life and what has shaped your experience of yourself.  My intent will be to engage with you in a process of discovery, healing, and increasing ability to enjoy your unique gifts.  Listening to yourself well will be a foundational skill leading to more personal freedom and effectiveness.  I will enjoy accompanying you in that process toward more freedom to enjoy your authentic self in relationships and in life.

     I have seen neurofeedback and biofeedback be helpful to patients whose challenges have included chronic mood and attention symptoms as well as migraines and after-effects of concussions. Improving brain regulation affects many aspects of emotional and cognitive performance. 


     I draw from 30 years' experience in psychiatric practice.  I completed my medical and psychiatric training at Johns Hopkins and have been an active member of the American Academy of Psychotherapists.  I added Neurofeedback and Biofeedback to my practice 15 years ago.  I am delighted to have these powerful modalities for relaxation, optimum performance and for improving a person’s ability in self-regulation of mood, attention, and sleep.  I’ve been pleased to see their powerful impact on symptoms from old concussions (reactivity, irritability, attention, sleep and cognitive issues, as well as their ability to reduce or eliminate migraine pain and migraine frequency.

      I recognize that a comprehensive approach to healing is more likely to succeed with chronic conditions than the “silver bullet” / one-treatment approach sometimes used for acute illness.   So, I strongly support health, wellness, and fitness practice.        Whether your interests are in life-growth, resilience, optimum performance, or in the reduction of psychiatric symptoms, I will be interested in what I can offer to improve your life journey.   Call the office today to discuss your specific situation in full confidence or to plan your next visit.

There is much more, including research, thorough descriptions, and video education about neurofeedback under the "MORE" icon top right of this page

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